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What Types of Charges and Convictions Can Be Expunged or Sealed From My Criminal Record?

Expungement laws in Virginia are very limited. While other states are more lenient with regard to expungements, Virginia is not among them. Specifically, Virginia courts do not allow for the expungement of any conviction from your record no matter how old. You are only eligible to petition the court to expunge a charge from your…

How Can I Be Violated While I Am on Supervised Probation?

How Can I Be Violated While I Am on Supervised Probation? If you are convicted of a felony offense in Hampton Roads (whether you plead guilty or go to trial and are found guilty), it is likely that a judge will order that you complete a term of supervised probation. Courts allow probation officers a…

Attorney Jamilah D. LeCruise Appointed to Serve on the Virginia State Board of Elections.

Governor Northam has appointed Jamilah LeCruise to serve as Vice Chair of the State Board of Elections for a 4-year term. She was sworn in at the Norfolk Circuit Court this past Tuesday. More here and here.

We’ve Moved

We’ve moved (just across the street to the PNC building) – Our new address is 555 East Main Street, Suite 1212 Norfolk, Virginia 23510.

Attorney Jamilah D. LeCruise and The Law Office of J. D. LeCruise Recognized by CoVa BIZ Magazine in “Best of Business Awards”

Attorney Jamilah D. LeCruise and The Law Office of J. D. LeCruise were recognized as winners of seven Best of Business Awards for CoVa BIZ Magazine, which included being selected as a Gold Winner for Business Person of the Year, Best Small Business, Best Local Leader Making a Difference, Outstanding Emerging Professional, Best Local Entrepreneur….

LeCruise Law Client Acquitted of Murder by Norfolk Jury

Yesterday, LeCruise Law Client, Joshua D. Carey, was found not guilty of Second Degree Murder and Use of a Firearm During the Commission of a Felony. We are happy that Mr. Carey has been reunited with his family. More here.

Norfolk Criminal Defense Attorney Named 2018 Super Lawyers Rising Star

Attorney Jamilah D. LeCruise was selected again this year as a Super Lawyers Rising Star for 2018. After being nominated, Super Lawyers engage in in-depth independent research and evaluate candidates on 12 indicators of personal achievement and peer recognition including honors and awards, professional activity, experience, pro bono and community service, scholarly lectures, and other…

What is Restitution and What Happens if I Don’t Pay It? How Does Restitution Impact My Case?

According to Black’s Law Dictionary, restitution is defined as the return or restoration of some specific thing to its rightful owner or status; compensation for benefits derived from a wrong done to another; and also compensation or reparation for the loss caused to another. In the criminal context, the purpose of restitution is compensate or…

What is the Difference Between District Court and Circuit Court in Virginia?

There are two types of trial courts at the local level in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Specifically, there are general district courts, which are the lower courts and there are circuit courts, which are the higher trial courts. In particular, there are two types of district courts in Virginia: the General District Courts and the…

How Long Do I Have to Appeal My Conviction?

If you are convicted of a misdemeanor in a general district court or a juvenile and domestic relations court in Virginia, you must note your appeal to the clerk’s office within ten (10) calendar days from the judgment of the court. Keep in mind that this does not mean that you have ten (10) business…