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Norfolk Attorney Jamilah D. LeCruise Elected as Vice Chair of City’s Board of Zoning Appeals

Jamilah D. LeCruise has been elected to serve as Vice Chair of the City of Norfolk Board of Zoning Appeals for 2021. She has been a member of the seven member board since 2017. You can read more about the Board of Zoning Appeals in Norfolk here.

New Year, New Fines for Driving with Handheld Cell Phones

Effective January 1, 2021, there are new penalties for driving with a handheld personal communications device, including a cell phone. According to the Code of Virginia: It is unlawful for any person to operate a moving motor vehicle on the highways in the Commonwealth while using any handheld personal communications device to: Manually enter multiple…

New Year, New You – And Time For an Expungement

In Virginia, you are eligible to petition the court to have your record expunged if: You were found not guilty and acquitted of the charges The charges against you were dismissed The Commonwealth withdrew the charges against you and they were nolle prossed You received a pardon from the Governor Someone else committed a crime…

Norfolk Criminal Defense Attorney Jamilah D. LeCruise Featured in Virginia Business Magazine Legal Elite Profile

In its 21st annual Legal Elite publication, Virginia Business magazine interviewed Virginia’s Young Lawyer of the Year Jamilah D. LeCruise. Read more here.

Is Trick-or-Treating Illegal in Norfolk?

With Halloween just around the corner, be sure to keep in mind that there are two restrictions to trick-or-treating under Virginia law. According to the Norfolk City Code: If any person over the age of twelve (12) years shall engage in the activity commonly known as “trick or treat” or any activity of similar character…

Virginia Senate Passes Police Overhaul Bill

Read more about the sweeping police overhaul bill passed by the Virginia Senate last week.

What Does Computer Fraud and Computer Trespass Mean in Virginia and How are These Crimes Punished?

According to the Code of Virginia, any person who uses a computer network, without authority and: Obtains property or services by false pretenses; Embezzles or commits larceny or; Converts the property of another; is guilty of the crime of computer fraud. If the value of the property or services obtained is $1000.00 or more, the…

What Type of Documentation Do I Need to Help Me in Court?

Are you wondering what to bring with you to court? In many cases, having the appropriate documentation will be the make or break in your criminal case as judges often use it to arrive at a decision. Don’t wait until the last minute to start gathering these important documents. Common examples of useful documents for…

When is the Best Time to Apply for an Expungement in Virginia? How Long Does it Take to Expunge My Criminal Record in Norfolk?

When is the Best Time to Apply for an Expungement in Virginia? How Long Does it Take to Expunge My Criminal Record in Norfolk? Before you begin the expungement process, keep in mind that the expungement laws in Virginia are very limited. Virginia does not allow for the expungement of any conviction from your criminal…

Norfolk Lawyer Jamilah D. LeCruise Gives Interview to Canadian Magazine

Lawyer’d magazine, which focuses on international Millennial attorneys, reached out to Jamilah LeCruise for an interview regarding her selection as the 2020 Virginia State Bar Young Lawyer of the Year. You can read more here.