“Ms. Le Cruise provided excellent service with the utmost professionalism with no nonsense but compassionate care. I was always informed and my case was expeditiously handled with ease. Le Cruise Law garnishes my highest recommendations.”
A. O., Client

“I just wanted to say thank you for your help through this process. This has been a journey but I’m glad it’s to a close. Everything is much better and my ex-husband and I are cordially co-parenting. I appreciate you keeping me informed and working to get everything to this point.”
B. D., Client

“To this day, I still can’t thank you enough for helping my wife. You are a fine person and a compassionate attorney. I respect and appreciate you greatly.”
P. T., Client

“I HIGHLY recommend Ms. LeCruise to anyone seeking legal advice for family law.”
Alex, Client

“I loved Ms. Le Cruise from the first time I talked to her. She truly listened to what I had to say. She kept me informed about everything that she was doing. She gave me advice anytime I emailed her about my ex or my kids. She was more than prepared for court. We had several pieces of evidence that we didn’t even bring up in court, but she knew that we had the case. I hope that I don’t need her in the future but I’m glad that she’s on my side.”
Jeremy, Client

“She’s outstanding! She did everything she said she would plus more. She was professional and always made sure I understood everything and provided her input and assessment on the case. She worked after hours and always put 100% in the case. I thank her for saving my future.”
A. C., Client

“She is the Best of the Best. Very professional, splendid, aggressive in the courtroom, and well-respected. She is really amazing!! She has gained by respect. I’m active duty military and without her help, I would have lost my job. I also referred a few of my sailors to her and she always takes care of them.”
T. B, Client

“I was in a scramble to find a criminal defense attorney is a short period of time and my only request was that she was a woman who can truly represent me. I searched long and hard and after reading countless reviews and Ms. LeCruise’s long list of achievements I knew she was the perfect fit. I called her office the same day begging her secretary for a consultation within in the next few hours. From our first meeting in her beautiful office decorated with her parents and the children she work with through volunteering activities, I knew Ms. LeCruise was a woman of her word and had a big heart. As I presented her with my case she had no doubt it would be a victory for myself. She was confident from that moment on, reassuring me and preparing me for anything that could happen. Ms. LeCruise made it so easy to talk to her at all hours via email or cell. I am a college student so writing professional emails in between classes was something I was a little too busy for so we had several phone calls or small emails back and forth. I became so comfortable with LeCruise I hugged her when it was all over, so did my mom! She was an amazing attorney. Very respectable and aggressive! Both were needed in my case. Thank you so much Ms. LeCruise, although I hope I do not need you again, I will recommend you to whomever is looking for your services. Ms. LeCruise is very smart and create different ‘game plans’ for the unexpected in the court room. Wish you the best and thank you so very much again!”
Brandi, Client

“Never having faced a criminal charge, I was out of my element. From the first consultation, I felt that Ms. LeCruise had the understanding and connections to the Norfolk court system to be an excellent advocate for my case. She was very focused and sympathetic in discussing my case. Indeed, as the time approached for the trial, Ms. LeCruise arranged a series of conferences concerning her work behind the scenes including her discussions with the prosecutor, that all but determined the outcome of the trial before we ever entered the courtroom. The result was completely in my favor.”
James, Client

“Thank you very much for your concern and skills in winning my case. I will always have you in my prayers for the future.”
D. J., Client

“I want to thank you once again for all you’ve done to help me get this break in life; I’ll be able to accomplish some goals, put some substance and stability in my life once again.”
E. K., Client

“I thank you for a job well done in your defense in my case. Your professionalism and work ethic is impeccable. I see nothing but success in your immediate future and beyond.’
C. M., Client

“I really want to thank you for taking his case and doing an amazing job. I hope I never need a lawyer again but if I do it will most definitely be you. Thank you and God bless! You are truly a amazing person and a awesome Attorney!”
R. B., Client

“Jamilah is an extremely knowledgeable driven, dedicated, and conscientious attorney and advocate. It is abundantly clear to anyone that knows her that she puts in the time and work to continually hone her craft and develop her expertise, in order to provide the best legal representation possible for her clients. But not only her clients receive the benefit of her vast knowledge; she also invests time and energy in the development and success of fellow attorneys. I, for one, am better for it. In short, Jamilah is top-notch all around.”
S. T., Attorney

“Jamilah is a passionate advocate for her clients and consistently provides zealous representation. I endorse Jamilah without hesitation.”
A. R., Attorney

“J.D. LeCruise is an unrelenting advocate, capable of doing what most cannot. She is incredibly intelligent on issues, hard-working for her clients, and fearless in Court. Best of all, she is genuine and down-to-earth.”
L. C., Attorney

“Ms. Le Cruise has an incredible ability to connect with clients and with other professionals. She is extremely good at what she does, and I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of legal services she offers. I very strongly endorse this lawyer.”
P. S., Attorney

“She is a smart attorney and a zealous advocate.”
S. D., Attorney

“Jamilah is a conscientious attorney who cares about her clients and community as well as her fellow attorneys. She treats all with respect and is a great advocate for her clients”
R. M., Attorney

“I would encourage anyone who is seeking legal representation in the Norfolk area to contact her.”
R. H., Attorney

“Ms. LeCruise is a zealous advocate for her clients. She uses he extensive trial experience and people skills to help her clients achieve the best outcome in their cases.”
D. M., Attorney

“Ms. LeCruise is a fantastic attorney in and out of the courtroom. She has a thorough understanding of the law and applies it intelligently to the benefit of her clients.”
K. C., Attorney

“Jamilah is a highly skilled and experienced defense attorney. I frequently ask for her advice on difficult cases and she always has the right answer.”
E. A., Attorney

“Attorney Jamilah Le Cruise is one of the most hard working attorneys I know. Over the past few years of knowing Jamilah, I have always seen her zealously advocate for her clients. She works hard to develop strong legal arguments and protect her clients’ interests. And, she stays up to date on changes in the law that might benefit her clients. I have referred cases to her in the past and I will continue to do so in the future!”
K. J., Attorney

“Jamilah is extremely knowledgeable and accessible. If you have a question, she has an answer. She is familiar with all local judges and knows how to try a case. Hire Ms. Le Cruise today.”
E. W, Attorney