New Year, New You – And Time For an Expungement

In Virginia, you are eligible to petition the court to have your record expunged if:

  • You were found not guilty and acquitted of the charges
  • The charges against you were dismissed
  • The Commonwealth withdrew the charges against you and they were nolle prossed
  • You received a pardon from the Governor
  • Someone else committed a crime in your name

If you plead guilty to a crime or entered into a plea agreement, which included a finding of guilt and a deferred disposition, you are ineligible for an expungement in Virginia.

Because the expungement process often takes about six (6) months to complete and can take longer in some jurisdictions, don’t wait until you find your dream job or need that security clearance to get a promotion to start trying to expunge your record.

Learn more about  the particulars of expungements in Virginia before filing your petition and consult with an experienced expungement attorney in Hampton Roads to make sure you are eligible.

It’s a new year, why let charges from the past hold you back this year?