Do I Need a Lawyer for My Probation Violation in Court? How Will a Probation Violation Lawyer Help in Court?

There are a variety of ways an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you when you go to circuit court for a probation violation. Defense attorneys have experience cross examining probation officers and other prosecution witnesses, highlighting critical points that are beneficial to your case.

Attorneys can also present documentation of your work history, substance abuse or mental health treatment, and community service in the best light to the judge.

Some jurisdictions even allow defense attorneys to negotiate probation violation cases with prosecutors and make agreed upon recommendations to the judge similar to the way they would with a standard plea agreement.

As an attorney who has represented hundreds of clients on probation violations throughout Hampton Roads, LeCruise Law recognizes that there are more than ten (10) typical ways a probation officer can allege a violation against a person and even more ways to mitigate your case to the judge.

LeCruise Law has successfully helped many clients obtain early release from probation and shorter, less strict probationary conditions.

If you are charged with a probation violation in Norfolk, Portsmouth or another Hampton Roads jurisdiction, call our office for a consultation before you go to court.